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Tips for Keeping Your Cat Calm

Reducing stress for the felines

If your cat is particularly ornery or you are bringing home a new kitten, here are a few tips for a stress free environment.  First, there are plenty of ways to tell if your cat is stressed.  A cat will puff out the fur on its tail when it is upset.  This is to make it appear bigger and could be a sign of a presumptive attack.  A quick flipping motion of the cats tail may also be a sign of anger and this means that the cat wants to be left alone.  It would be best to give it space in these situations.  Arching of the back with its hair pricked up or hissing is also a bad sign.

An easy way to keep your cat happy is to clean its litter box regularly.  Cats are very hygienic animals and they become unhappy when their space is unkempt. There are also aromatic options to calm your cat.  Different cats do react differently to each kind of stress reliever, so make sure to try out a couple and see what works best.

Moving to a new house is one of the most common sources of stress for a cat.  The cat should be kept inside the new house for a minimum of two weeks so that it may adjust to its new setting.  When bringing home a new kitten, it is important to make sure that the ride home is comfortable.  Letting them loose or holding them tightly in your lap are not great options for traveling.  It would be best to place the cat in a travel cage lined with either newspaper or washable towels.  Soothing music will also help to calm the feline nerves.  Make sure that once you are home, set up the litter box in a quiet room away from foot traffic.  Also make sure that there are no screens or easy escape spots to the outside world.  If this room is not where you want to keep the cat’s litter box permanently, after a few days you can let it roam freely around the house and put a second litter box somewhere else in the house to let your cat get acquainted.

The most important part of a stress free cat is exercise.  Lots of running and jumping is good for keeping your cat friendly.  Also, a variety of toys is helpful for keeping felines stress free.  The same toy every day may become boring and your cat will not be satisfied.  Cats are usually very friendly; make sure not to confuse their playfulness with agitation.  Cats react to emotions, so a happy atmosphere makes for a happy cat!

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