Indoor Activities with your BFF


The last couple of months have been brutal. Our pets are subjected to cabin fever just like us humans Opportunities for physical exercise may be lacking, so try substituting play with mental stimulation.

Look for toys that provide the incentive of a treat but make it challenging. Playtime can be used as the perfect setting for brushing up on obedience training. Spend ten minutes each day teaching your dog a new trick or rehearsing old favorites—this will focus your dog’s extra energy on something constructive.

As cat lovers no doubt already know, it can be hard (if not impossible!) to teach a cat tricks in the same way as a dog. However, you can still engage your cat in several indoor activities. Placing cat-friendly plants such catnip or rosemary around your house is a fantastic way to appeal to your cat’s senses. Cats also respond very well to visual stimulation. Remember to leave your blinds open during the day—a cat can spend hours observing the outdoors through a sunny window.
A busy pet is a happy pet! And a happy pet is a happy pet owner