Are Chemical Pesticides Harming Your Pet?


The CDC has labeled the active ingredients of most chemical flea and tick treatments as “Class C Carcinogens”. This means that they have been shown to cause cancer in laboratory animals and have the potential to cause cancer in humans.

According to the NPIC, Fipronil (the most common flea and tick treatment) can also cause: “skin irritation, sweating, nausea, vomiting, headache, stomach pain, dizziness, weakness, and seizures”.

What then are our natural alternatives?

(Earth Animal Flea and Tick Spray, Vets Best Flea and Tick Spray)
Many herbal sprays on the market make your dog unappetizing to parasites.
-Smells good
-Wear off quickly (must be applied daily or as needed)

(Flee Flea Flee, Earth Animal Flea and Tick Program)
Suplements using garlic and nutritional yeast help your dog produce their own defenses.
-No Smell
-Water Proof (good for swimming dogs)
-Must be used daily.
-Not effective for very clean dogs, or dogs with poor immunity.

Diatom Flour
(NO BUG, Buck Mountain Parasite Dust)
Diatom flour is the most powerful and versatile option. It is a natural powder that pysically damages the exoskeletons of pests and dehydrates them.
-only needs to be applied monthly or after bathing.
-does not absorb (completely external)
-fleas and ticks cannot become immune.
-Washes off, not effective when wet (not good for daily swimmers)
-Less effective on very oily dogs.