What is a belly band?

I am always surprised when people look at me and ask “What is a belly band?”  As the proud mama of 5 rescue dogs, two of whom are boys, I forget that once upon a time, I didn’t know what a belly band was either.  Well, for those of you that do not, a belly band is an absolute necessity when you have little boys who refuse to stop “marking” their territory.  When I adopted my first little male Chihuahua mix (Ringo), he was housebroken (an amazing blessing).  Then some time passed, and my second little boy Chihuahua joined the family.  The boys immediately liked each other, and Milo enticed Ringo to play.  Sadly, with the excitement of the new friendship, came the need to compete for territory in the house.  The marking began.  Milo lifted his leg on anything he could reach.  My housetrained Ringo quickly abandoned his manners and followed suit.

A belly band is the simplest remedy to save your furniture, your woodwork, and your sanity.  Belly Bands are designed as a training aid to teach dogs not to mark in the house. Used with a disposable pad, they prevent your dog from leaving urine on carpets and furniture. Since dogs don’t like wetting in the bands, they are a constant reminder not to wet in the house. Belly Bands are also great for incontinent dogs.

At first, neither of the boys was pleased when I put the belly band on them.  Ringo walked around stiff-legged and awkward.  Milo whined and tried to figure out what was going on.  After some time passed, Ringo had no issue with wearing it.  Milo still isn’t thrilled, but he stops whining after a minute or two.  I tried reasoning with them; telling them that if they would stop peeing on my stuff, I wouldn’t make them wear the bands.  I’m sure you can all guess how that turned out.

Milo rarely wets his band, so I don’t put a pad in his. As Ringo has gotten older, he has started to urinate more frequently so now he wears his with a Poise pad.  I have multiples so that when one is in the laundry, I’m still “covered”.

What about the girls you ask?  Prissy pants coming next…